Harry Weldon Diehl PHD

Harry W. Diehl PHD

Harry W. Diehl

The family of Dr. Harry Diehl is very proud of his accomplishments, and wants to honor his memory by recounting and memorializing his story. Dr. Diehl was a very honorable, religious and humble man whose only concern was to better the world in some small way. He discovery of Cetyl Myristoleate and its tremendous success in the treatment of body pain and arthitis symptoms is his proudest single achievement.

His legacy may best be described in the words of Dr. Chuck Cochran, who said ” (The discovery) may one day be hailed as the most significant nutritional discovery of the 20th century and nature‚Äôs answer to arthritis”. Words that would have made him blush, we are sure.

In conclusion, he also wrote:

“And for those of you who are suffering with any types of aches or pains, you and Cetyl Myristoleate deserve to get to know each other! God speed on your road to health!”

– Dr. Chuck Cochran

God’s Speed, indeed, Dr. Diehl…………